Our Floor Coating Process

Zenith Flooring Process

What to expect with our professional floor coating team

Floor Coating Step 1: Machine Etch/Coating Removal

All floors are machine etched to a Level II profile using an industrial diamond grinder, and existing coatings are removed if applicable. This is done to remove any surface contaminants and open the pores of the concrete to allow for maximum penetration of the prime coat.

Floor Coating Step 2: Repair of damaged concrete

Standard concrete damages such as; cracks, divots and spalling due to Mag Chloride are effectively repaired with our epoxy repair paste. In severe cases resurfacing may be required (see Squeegee Repair Coat).

Floor Coating Step 2.5: 3 CCM / Squeegee Repair Coat (if applicable)

In cases where severe concrete damage is present, a 3 CCM / Squeegee Repair Coat may be applied to resurface the floor.

Floor Coating Step 3: Elastomeric Partial Fill & Seal

Next, we partially fill all expansion joints with an extremely flexible sealant, to allow for expansion and contraction to occur without cracking the coating. When applicable we also seal the perimeter of the garage.

Floor Coating Step 3.5: Rycon Bridge (if applicable)

In cases where extreme movement is expected a Rycon bridge may be installed to prevent cracks from forming in the coating.

Floor Coating Step 4: Prime Coat of Epoxy

The first layer applied is a Prime Coat, which is designed to deeply penetrate into the pores of the concrete, creating maximum adhesion.

Floor Coating Step 5: Base Coat of Epoxy

Next we apply an additional, thicker layer of epoxy to create a base for the chip broadcast to adhere to. The base layer also provides impact resistant components to the coating system.

Floor Coating Step 6: Chip Broadcast

Chips (also called “fleck” or “speckles”) are manually broadcast onto the floor to the consistency and color of your choosing. We have an array of different sizes and color blends for you to choose from (see the “Finish Options” page).

Floor Coating Step 7: Topcoat(s)

Once the chip broadcast is complete, we finish the system with 1 to 2 Polyhybrid Clear Coats, depending on which Finish Option you select. Our clear coats are non-porous and chemical resistant, so they won’t stain or discolor. They also come with a standard amount of “anti-skid” sand to provide improved traction. (Additional clear coats and extra “anti-skid” are available upon request)

About Our Floor Coatings

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