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To save businesses and organizations – especially those who can’t afford additional space – the cost of disruptions, Zenith utilizes machinery and established processes to minimize painting and installation times. As a company, we have the flexibility to work within the confines of your daily business operations to minimize the impact of the maintenance and renovations.

  • Zenith project managers will work and communicate directly with maintenance managers of the property, to ensure both parties understand the scope of the project that needs to be completed.
  • Therefore, maintenance managers need to explain to our project managers, in dense detail, about their expectations for the project.
  • We will provide a comprehensive daily schedule, from start to finish, when Zenith’s professional painters will arrive, work, and finish the project. This will allow maintenance managers to make sure daily routines and schedules experience minimal interruptions during the project.
  • Zenith works with maintenance managers during the paint selection process in which managers are recommended to have a predetermined expectation on paint durability, depending on the functional use of the facility.
  • Zenith has full worker’s compensation coverage and carries liability insurance in the event of an accident.

  • Zenith’s professional flooring team has the expertise, skills and established processes for each type of flooring to avoid unforeseen costs, and to ensure deadlines are completed.
  • Be Prepared – No matter how well a project is planned, unexpected conflicts will arise thus threatening the budget and timeline of a project. Zenith’s valuable asset is the ability to make quick adjustments to the installation plan to make sure the project remains on track and budget.
  • Value of Maintenance – Certified floor technicians will guide you through the process of maintaining the organization’s floors which will save the company money in the long run.
  • Zenith Project Managers can help point out when an existing flooring substrate has a high likelihood of containing harmful asbestos materials and will provide recommendations for testing and abatement services, if needed.
  • Zenith will identify high levels or excessive equilibriums of moisture content and moisture vapor emissions in concrete slabs or substrates. Excessive moisture in floor slabs after installation can cause floor covering system failures such as delamination, bonding failure, deterioration of finish flooring and coatings, and microbial growth.    

  • Choosing how to handle roof maintenance versus a full roof replacement, can be an intimidating experience for anyone in the commercial industry. With a full line of professional roof coating products to choose from, industry leading expertise, and no-backdown guarantees, Zenith makes the selection process seamless for you.
  • To begin, Zenith’s professional roofing inspectors will be able to identify problems before they become costly to repair. Did you know, properly maintaining your roof can extend its life by 30% longer than a roof that is neglected.
  • We will provide all the answers to your questions about the roof at risk because in the end, you as the building owner will make the final decision based on your knowledge of the roof.

Need interior or outdoor painting? Zenith Painting & Coatings is proud to use professional paint from Sherwin-Williams, Guiry’s, and Hirshfield’s.

From Seamless to PVA systems and Concrete Sealing, Zenith Painting and Coatings only uses premiere concrete and epoxy floor coatings.

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