Commercial Painting, Flooring and Roofing services for Realtors in Colorado.

Make your job easier by revamping the property with a new paint job or reinforcing the roof, and let the property sell itself. By honing the tiny details and enhancing the property’s prominent assets, both the sellers and buyers will feel more confident in their transactions.

  • Maintain the health and wellbeing of tenants residing in your building. Almost all commercial paints used today meet LEED standards and are low – or no – VOC, so they are safe to be used indoors while clients and tenants are present.
  • Begin with a consultation followed by a detailed site inspection. After the consultation, a detailed estimate will be provided to avoid any hidden costs for the customer.
  • A good contractor will treat tenants like their own clients. Keeping tenants in mind while completing a job, ensures all parties will be satisfied once the work is complete.
  • To do your part: Completely clean your real estate before the painters arrive, especially during a finishing coat since dirt and debris can affect the quality of the paint job.
  • A contractor that cares about customer service will be aware of budget, space or time limitations in place, and take care to work within those confines.
  • The contract will be completed with an inspection conducted by the client and tenant to ensure everyone’s satisfaction is met.
  • Zenith has full worker’s compensation coverage and carries liability insurance in the event of an accident.

  • Knowledge is Power – Yes, we understand you probably already know that and we will continue to provide you with the latest trends and technical information so you can stand by what you tell potential buyers.
  • Be Resourceful – When clients inquire about a reliable floor coating company, you can confidently provide an answer and contact information.
  • Custom Pricing – If you partner with Zenith Painting & Coatings, you will be entitled to special pricing.
  • Save The Deal – Sometimes the buyer needs an incentive to purchase a house and therefore, including a new floor can save the deal. Be the first to receive Zenith’s monthly notice of discounts before the public is notified by signing up for our newsletter.
  • Increase The Business – Share the knowledge we provide you with your clients to further establish your role as a trusted resource. This will greatly increase the chance of clients keeping you on top of their minds for the next real estate transaction.
  • Zenith Project Managers can help point out when an existing flooring substrate has a high likelihood of containing harmful asbestos materials and will provide recommendations for testing and abatement services, if needed.
  • Zenith will identify high levels or excessive equilibriums of moisture content and moisture vapor emissions in concrete slabs or substrates. Excessive moisture in floor slabs after installation can cause floor covering system failures such as delamination, bonding failure, deterioration of finish flooring and coatings, and microbial growth.    

  • Zenith Project Managers will inspect and assess the condition of your roof for free.
  • Zenith’s team of professional roofers possess the experience and expertise to carry out most flat roof commercial projects that are requested.
  • All commercial projects are assigned an on-site Project Manager who oversees the work and ensures all deadlines are completed.
  • Zenith has strong relationships with roof coating manufacturers such as UNIFLEX Fluid Applied Roofing Systems and GacoRoof Products, to ensure product expertise and unbeatable warranties.

Need interior or outdoor painting? Zenith Painting & Coatings is proud to use professional paint from Sherwin-Williams, Guiry’s, and Hirshfield’s.

From Seamless to PVA systems and Concrete Sealing, Zenith Painting and Coatings only uses premiere concrete and epoxy floor coatings.

Have questions about painting or flooring? Not sure where to begin or need to speak with a Zenith Painting & Coatings representative? Get answers today.

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