The food processing industry will require moisture mitigation testing to be done on new concrete surfaces prior to any floor covering installations. Zenith Painting and Coatings, a Denver based professional floor coating company, can test and handle any moisture issues by performing the proper testing and offer professional moisture mitigation control coating solutions to get your project back on track.

Protection From Harsh Conditions

Food processing facilities typically contain vegetable oils, animal fats, dairy products and sugars that all contain acids capable of eating away epoxy flooring. Other manufacturing operations expose floors to high concentrations of salts and alkaline compounds. Additionally, some food processing chemicals, harsh cleaners and disinfectants contain industrial solvents. Food & beverage processing facility flooring also takes physical punishment from heavily loaded, steel-wheeled carts, dragged crates, forklifts and more. Ultimately, these facility floors must be capable of surviving some of the most extreme conditions around.

Inspection – Ready Flooring

Food processing facilities must have floor finishes that support safety and sanitation regulations administered by agencies like the USDA, FDA, OSHA, and others. Facilities must have USDA-approved concrete coatings to allow them to pass rigorous inspections. No food processing plant can afford to shut down, or to replace its flooring on a regular basis.

ASTM Standards

ASTM F2834-10a: This specification covers design and construction, physical properties, and performance requirements for cooktops which utilize induction as a means for cooking and warming food in commercial and institutional food service establishments. Included are tabletop units, drop-in units and floor standing equipment with integral induction hobs. Testing methods include temperature control accuracy test, dry pan test, minimum load detection test, operating power test, and induction cooktop efficiency test.

ASTM F2170-16: Involves measuring relative humidity levels inside of the concrete slab and then, recommending based on the suitability of the slab for the installation of resilient floor coverings depended on the results.

ASTM F1869: States that moisture vapor emission should not exceed 3 pounds per 1,000 square feet per 24 hours, unless otherwise specified by the flooring or adhesive manufacturer.

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