Painting FAQ

We know residential or commercial painting projects can seem daunting, but we try to make the process as easy as possible for you. Take a look at our frequently asked questions or give us a call to talk about your painting project!

  • Can I get a free estimate over the phone?

    It is very difficult to give a price range over the phone due to the extensive amount of variables in any painting project. We find that it is best for our team to see the property in order to provide an accurate estimate. Please give us a call if you have any questions!

  • What can I expect from an in-person estimate from Zenith?

    You can schedule a free in-person estimate with Zenith Painting and Coatings, where our team will come out to you and review your property and discuss your painting needs. With an in-person estimate, we will be able to evaluate your property and consult with you about the the different color options to make your vision come to life. After this, we will be able to provide an in-depth estimate that will give you a timeline and budget for the project.

  • Who will I be working with at Zenith?

    Zenith Painting and Coatings has a team of Project Managers that have been with us for several years. Our Project Managers are here to walk you through the entire process from start to finish!
    Our installation crews are staffed with experienced painting technicians that you can count on. We stick with you until you are satisfied, that is our guarantee!

  • How many crew members work each project?

    The number of crew members is dependent upon the size of the project. A typical residential project will require 3-4 crew members over the course of 3 days.

  • What information do I need to provide when I call Zenith for an estimate?

    In order for us to provide you with the best information over the phone, we will need to know what type of property we will be working with, if it is an indoor or outdoor painting project, the square footage of the space, and the number of rooms we will be working with.  It is also very helpful for us to know when you’re looking to have to work completed.

  • How can I prepare my home or business for your team to arrive?

    For exterior projects, the first step is to pressure wash the surfaces being painted.  For this step, we will need access to functional water spigots and access to all sides of your home or building. Also, be sure that all windows and doors are closed tightly/locked to prevent water intrusion.

    We will also need all items moved away from the house (to the best of your ability) that may prevent of us painting the surface properly.  (I.e. patio furniture, wood piles, flower pots, etc)
     For interior projects, we will need furniture moved away from walls and into the middle of the room as much as possible.  Also, pictures and wall hangings will need to be removed as well.  We will take care of everything else!

  • Do I need to be present at my home / business when your team arrives? Can I be at my home / business while your team is working?

    You do not need to be home while the job is taking place.  However, it is most helpful if you are present at the start of the project to confirm details and near the end of the project so we can take you on a final walk through to make sure you are more than satisfied with the finished product.

  • What can we expect when your team arrives?

    You will be greeted by your Project Manager (that met during the free estimate) and the paint crew who will walk you through the phases of the project.  Here we will make sure everyone is on the same page regarding the scope of work and color schemes.

  • How much paint do I need to buy?

    You will not need to buy any paint. Typically, paint and related materials are provided in the price quote you receive from our Project Managers.  However, if you already have the materials needed for the project, we can also quote a price just for the labor.

  • What brands do you recommend?

    Zenith Home Finishes is proud to use Sherwin Williams & Benjamin Moore products.  We recommend using their products for any indoor or outdoor painting needs!

  • Anything I should know before I choose a color?

    We can paint your home in any color scheme you choose. However, you will want to consult with your HOA (if applicable) prior to us starting the work. Also, a drastic color change can add to the price of the project. We would be more than happy to provide you with quotes for a color change vs. staying the same color, if you wish.

  • How do I know I can trust your team? What sets you apart from other contractors? What certifications or history of your company can you tell me about?

    At Zenith Home Finishes we strive to provide the best customer experience that we can and are committed to working with you until you are satisfied! We have a long standing A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and maintain positive member statuses with several business organizations throughout the Front Range including National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), Business Network International (BNI), Community Association Institute (CAI), Boulder Area Housing Association (BARHA), International Facility Management Association (IFMA), South Metro Denver Realtor Association (SMDRA), Aurora Association of Realtors (AAR), and Experience Pros to name a few.

    We are also Licensed and Certified to work with only the highest quality industrial coating products on the market. We attend annual continuing education seminars to ensure that we are offering the best coating systems available.

    We also have a local office with a live person answering the phone. This may seem like a minor detail, but in the contracting/home improvement industry, lack of communication and the ability to reach someone at said business is one of the most common and frustrating complaints customers have. Give us a call, we will answer!